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2012 NFL Mock Draft
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15. Dontari Poe - NT - Memphis - 6'3'' 346lbs
The Eagles love picking linemen with their first round picks and go with the boom/bust prospect in Dontari Poe. Poe is a space-eating 2-gap NT that displays surprising athleticism for his size. He will remind Jim Washburn of a younger Albert Haynesworth, pre Washington. If Poe can improve his technique to better harness his physical talent, then the sky is the limit. At the same token, with his lack of production, Poe hasn't proven he is capable of being a solid NFL pro just yet, hence why this pick is risky.

2010 Stats: 41 Tackles - 6.5 TFL - 2 Sacks - 3 QB Hurries - 1 PBU
2011 Stats: 33 Tackles - 8 TFL - 1 Sack - 5 QB Hurries - 3 PBU - 1 FF
12. Quinton Coples - DE - UNC - 6'6'' 284lbs
The Seahawks like what they have at DE in Chris Clemons and Red Bryant but have a hard time passing on Coples here. Quinton Coples is not a quick-twitch pass rusher but he is a strong, long armed power rusher that can set the edge in the running game. After a monster season in 2010, he had a down year in 2011 which has many questioning his motor. If the Seahawks feel like they can get over the potential motivation issues with Coples and get him to play hard, this will be a great pick for their franchise.

2010 Stats: 59 Tackles - 15.5 TFL - 10 Sacks - 12 QB Hurries - 2 FF - 2 PBU
2011 Stats: 55 Tackles - 15.0 TFL - 7.5 Sacks - 7 QB Hurries - 3 FF - 2 PBU
13. Michael Floyd - WR - Notre Dame - 6'3'' 220lbs
With the Cards re-signing Levi Brown to a much more manageable contract, they don't have to reach for an OT and can go BPA. Michael Floyd is a future #1 WR in the NFL in the mold of a Vincent Jackson type. He has great hands, excellent body control, and runs good routes. He's also a devastating run blocker, something that will help out Arizona's running game. He could go higher than this pick, but injury and character concerns will cause him to drop.

2010 Stats: 79 Rec - 1,025 Yards Rec - 12TD
2011 Stats: 100 Rec - 1,147 Yards Rec - 9TD
8. Ryan Tannehill - QB - Texas A&M - 6'4'' 222lbs
Tannehill's stock is artificially increasing with the end of the offseason QB shuffle and the Dolphins being left out. With the recent signing of David Garrard, Mike Sherman has the luxury of slowly bringing in his college QB and letting him develop. Tannehill has a great arm, great athleticism, and throws an accurate ball. With only a year and a half of starting QB experience in college, this former WR-turned-QB has loads of potential. At the same time, he needs to improve his decision making and go through is progression better.

2010 Stats: 1,638 Pass Yards - 13 TD - 6 INT - 65% - 76 Rush Yards - 1TD
2011 Stats: 3,744 Pass Yards - 29 TD - 15 INT - 62% - 306 Rush Yards - 4TD
11. Michael Brockers - DT - LSU - 6'5'' 322lbs
The Chiefs pick up the run stuffer from LSU here would have loved for Mark Barron to fall to their pick but find a nice consolation prize in Michael Brockers. Brockers is an exceptional run stuffer who knows how to use his long arms to shed blocks. As a RS Sophomore, Brockers has a lot of potential but still remains very raw, needing refinement in his pass rushing moves. Brockers will be a 5-technique lineman for the Chiefs in Crennel's 3-4 scheme .

2010 Stats: 25 Tackles - 1 TFL - 1 QB Hurry - 1 FF
2011 Stats: 54 Tackles - 10 TFL - 2 Sacks - 4 QB Hurries - 2 PBU - 1 FF - 1 INT
4. Trent Richardson - RB - Alabama - 5'9'' 228lbs
After whiffing on potential upgrades at QB this offseason, the Browns will take a long hard look at Tannehill here but Richardson is just too talented to pass up. When you talk about pure physical talent at the RB position, this is the guy you think of. This former Florida high school weightlifting champion has 6% body fat, a 475lb bench press, 600 pound squat, and a 365 pound power clean. The Strength & Conditioning coaches at Alabama wont let him go any heavier for fear for injury. He also runs a 4.4 40, 10.4 100 meter and has a 36'' vertical

2010 Stats: 700 Yards Rush - 6.3 YPC - 6 TD - 266 Yards Rec - 4 TD
2011 Stats: 1,679 Yards Rush - 5.9 YPC - 21 TD - 338 Yards Rec - 3 TD
9. Fletcher Cox - DT - Mississippi St. - 6'4'' 298lbs
After investing a couple of high picks at the DT position last year in Terrell McClain and Sione Fua, the Panthers still have not found a long term starter at DT. Cox is a disruptive UT with good athleticism and a quick first step. He excels as a pass rusher and has the physical tools to be a disrupter at the next level. He needs to refine his pass rushing moves and play with better leverage, but he remains a great fit for the Panthers attacking scheme. It's not often that pass rushing DTs last this long.

2010 Stats: 29 Tackles - 5.5 TFL - 2.5 Sacks - 4 QB Hurries - 1 FF - 2 Blocks
2011 Stats: 56 Tackles - 14.5 TFL - 5 Sacks - 3 QB Hurries - 1 FF - 2 Blocks
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10. Luke Kuechly - LB - Boston College - 6'3'' 242lbs
The Bills have done a nice job of re-tooling their defense with young talent. They continue to do so here with the addition of Luke Kuechly to a talented LB corps that includes Nick Barnett and Kelvin Sheppard. Kuechly is a tackling machine who averaged 14 tackles per game at Boston College. He is more of a read and react linebacker that is always around the football. His value has taken a hit as scouts don't think he is stout enough to play inside, nor is he athletic enough to play OLB, but he should be a Top-20 pick.

2010 Stats: 183 Tackles - 10.5 TFL - 1.5 Sacks - 2 FF - 3 INT - 3 PBU
2011 Stats: 191 Tackles - 12 TFL - 3 INT - 3 PBU - 2 Hurries
16. Melvin Ingram - DE - South Carolina - 6'1'' 264lbs
The Jets are a pass rusher away from being outright dominant on defense and add an extremely versatile player in Melvin Ingram. With a stocky build and short arms, Ingram doesn't have prototypical size for the DE position but he does have a knack for getting to the football. With 19 sacks in the past two seasons, Ingram has elevated himself into the first round mix with his production and versatility. One thing that will hurt him is lack of explosiveness, but he makes up for it with his repertoire of pass rushing moves.

2010 Stats: 28 Tackles - 11 TFL - 9 Sacks - 1 QB Hurry - 1 FF - 1 PBU
2011 Stats: 48 Tackles - 15 TFL - 10 Sacks - 6 QB Hurries - 2 PBU
* Updated Apr 25, 2012 *
1. Andrew Luck - QB - Stanford - 6'4'' 234lbs
Look for the Colts to rebuild here around the best QB prospect since Peyton Manning. Andrew Luck is a cerebral Quarterback with all the tools needed to succeed in the NFL. He lacks the arm strength of Peyton Manning but he does bring more athleticism to the table. He has experience turning around a poor program into a contender and will need to draw on that once he gets to Indianapolis. How lucky are the Colts to be picking #1 overall both years that a sure-fire stud QB is available?

2010 Stats: 3,338 Pass Yards - 32 TD - 8 INT - 71% - 453 Rush Yards - 3TD
2011 Stats: 3,517 Pass Yards - 37 TD - 10 INT - 71% - 150 Rush Yards - 2TD
2. Robert Griffin III - QB - Baylor - 6'2'' 223lbs
The Redskins essentially gave up the farm to move up and select Robert Griffin. Robert Griffin is an athletic, high character, rocket-armed QB with outstanding intangibles. He demonstrates solid deep-accuracy but still needs to work on his intermediate throws. As well, like any spread QB he will have to adapt to taking snaps under center and improve his pocket presence. However, because of his athleticism and intangibles, he has the more upside than any QB in the draft.

2010 Stats: 3,501 Pass Yards - 22 TD - 8 INT - 67% - 635 Rush Yards - 8TD
2011 Stats: 4,293 Pass Yards - 37 TD -  6 INT - 72% - 699 Rush Yards - 10TD
3. Matt Kalil - OT - USC - 6'7'' 306lbs
After grabbing their franchise QB last year, the Vikings get their franchise LT to protect Christian Ponder. Matt Kalil is the younger brother of Carolina Panthers center Ryan Kalil and he is also the guy that beat out Tyron Smith for the starting LT job at USC. He has been outright dominant this season and has the makings of a Franchise LT in the NFL. Kalil is more athletic than he is given credit for and he does an outstanding in both the run and pass game. He does tend to get too upright at times and will need to improve his anchor strength, but the talent is there to be a top LT in the same class as Joe Thomas and Jake Long.
5. Morris Claiborne - CB - LSU - 5'11'' 188lbs
The Bucs have options here with both Claiborne and Blackmon available but opt to go with the more talented player and snag the cover-corner from LSU. Claiborne is super athletic with fluid hips and can turn and run with the best of them - similar to Jabari Greer. He does have trouble with crossing routes and will have his deep speed tested, but he does have outstanding recognition and ball skills. With 11 INTs in the last 2 years, Claiborne has shown the ability to be a game changer and will help revamp the Bucs secondary.

2010 Stats: 37 Tackles - 5 INT - 6 PBU - 3 Sacks - 1 TFL - 1 QB Hurries
2011 Stats: 51 Tackles - 6 INT - 6 PBU - 1 TFL - 1 QB Hurry
6. Justin Blackmon - WR - Oklahoma St. - 6'1'' 207lbs
After picking up three 1st round picks from the Redskins, the Rams have a few different options here but opt to go BPA and fill a glaring need by adding Justin Blackmon. Despite measuring in smaller and slower than expected, Blackmon still has two years of tape in which he dominated his competition. A physical receiver, Blackmon has terrific ball skills and expectional timing when it comes to jump balls. He's can also run after the catch and has been known to take games over. He's also got a neat feature on Sport Science

2010 Stats: 111 Rec - 1,782 Yards Rec - 20TD
2011 Stats: 121 Rec - 1,522 Yards Rec - 18TD
7. Stephon Gilmore - CB - South Carolina - 6'0'' 190lbs
The Jaguars are prime candidates to trade down but if they aren't able to then look for Stephon Gilmore to be the pick. Word is that Gilmore is ranked highly on the Jaguars board as one of the best athletes in the entire draft. Gilmore is raw but tremendously athletic and has the potential to be a shutdown CB. He is a great tackler and offers some versatility as a kick returner. Gilmore's stock has been rising as of late and in the eyes of many he has overtaken Dre Kirkpatrick as the #2 CB.

2010 Stats: 79 Tackles - 3 INT - 2 PBU - 3 Sacks - 6 TFL - 1 FF - 2 QB Hurries
2011 Stats: 46 Tackles - 4 INT - 7 PBU - 1 Sack - 3 TFL - 1 FF - 1 Sack
14. Mark Barron - S - Alabama - 6'1'' 213lbs
The Cowboys get their man in Barron, although I am expecting them to trade up to pick him up. Here they snag Mark Barron who should be a Top-20 pick after an impressive bounce back season. He brings with him a wealth of experience in one of the nations best defenses, along with good size, strength and consistency. Once thought of a an in-the-box safety, Barron has shown improved range and some nice playmaking skills in the passing game.

2010 Stats: 75 Tackles - 3 INT - 6 PBU - 2 Sacks - 3 TFL - 2 QB Hurries - 1FF2011 Stats: 66 Tackles - 2 INT - 5 PBU - 1 Sack - 5 TFL